Boxed Locks

Find. Solve. Unlock

  1. Boxed Locks is a subscription box for anyone who loves discovery and puzzle solving. Each box contains a mixture of clues, hints and objects for you to navigate and discover the final code to unlock your chest!
  2. Each box has been carefully designed and decorated personally.
  3. Suitable for adults and children aged 10+ when supervised by an adult.

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Each month, you receive a new box with a fresh set of clues and props

Q: Is Boxed Locks an escape game?        

A: No. You are not locked in our boxes. Instead, you want to find your way in!

Q: What will be in the box?                      

A: Each box contains a locked box, a series of cards and envelopes (your clues), a decoder and other 'tools'.

Q: How long will the game take?             

A: The average time is between 1 hour and 2.5 hours; perfect for a games’ evening or a rainy afternoon!